Klearchos was born in Patras, Hellas (Greece) in 1978.

At the age of 8 he showed an interest in music and shortly after he started a 4-year keyboards course, graduating in 1990. Shortly after that he began
classical guitar course but found little interest and
quit. It was not until when he moved in Athens due
to a military service transfer that he was deeply influenced by his roomate’s audition and musical collection. Shortly after he got his first guitar by a common friend that had lost interest in playing. This guitar, a heavily modified Fat Strat with floating
tremolo has until now been his main instrument.

In 2003 he was one of the founding members of the cover band Grand Zero. They performed at various events, playing a wide range of Rock songs from the 70’s up to 90’s Hard Rock.

In late 2004, Klearchos left Grand Zero to form Anelixis, where the band focused more on Heavy Metal, doing both covers and original songs. Due to their lack of a singer, Klearchos took the place of the singer along that of Lead Guitarist, a role he recalls being too difficult to realize in the beginning. Yet his comfortable attitude on stage and the communication with the public counter-balanced his yet unbridled voice. On their first concert, Anelixis performed  their first original song, K240.
– Watch a bootleg of K240 on YouTube –

Other completed original songs performed live were ‘The Hunted’, ‘Red Skidmarks’. The most recent recorded song by Anelixis is ‘We are One’, composed, arranged and produced by Klearchos in October 2010, which has also been used as a teaser soundtrack for various Z-Day events.

Graphical Arts
Klearchos attended 2 art schools during the ages of 12 and 13, focusing in freesketch, pencil and oil painting on canvas, but did not finish the courses due to the exponentially demanding pressure of school reading and family life.

At the age of 17 he attended the Graphical Arts 2 year-course at the 4th Technical High School, Patras, earning his degree as a Art & Antiquity Conservator’s assistant. The course also included Photography, Freehand and Architectural Sketching and Painting and Art History.

His first contact with Computer Graphics and Digital Art was in 1990, when he first saw a computer by the name Amiga 500 running Shadow of the Beast II. Awed by the graphics and the smooth animation, he managed eventually to obtain an Amiga 500 and later on an Amiga 1200, working on 2D and 3D programs like Dpaint, Brilliance, Real 3D, Lightwave 3D, Imagine etc.

Blender 3D is now his main 3D software, working alongside with GIMP on Gentoo and Ubuntu Linux OS.

Enjoying art primarily as a hobby, away from stressful time-schedules and pressing customers, one of the few exceptions was his main professional engagement with Graphical Arts was in 1999, working as an Editor at Cinegram for 1 year.

In 2009 Klearchos moved in Sweden, where he currently resides.