My eyes opened slowly, revealing a chaotic symphony of colors… Being loyal to its usual appointment, the familiar short-lived headache that always emerged from rebooting my neural links, embraced my senses with static nanodischarges, as if a thorny vise was being immersed in me with a sadistic lust, squeezing down to the most cryptic areas of my bio-positronic brain.

The pain abated and my senses came into focus, my limbs responding to my commands almost instantaneously. Incoming messages assured me that we were in planeto-centric orbit with Kronox, my mission.
I moved my hands, bringing them rotating forward and beside me, admiring as usual the way the reflections from LEDs and mechanisms decorating the interior of the starship around me were being mirrored.

The communications implant began sending a pulsed notification, a signal that I had an incoming message.

-4435 OC

I mentally turned my attention to the red light flashing on the left of the message header.
Instantaneously, entire pages began to flip forward, indicating suggested teleportation
locations, pre-proposed routes and waypoints, as well as indicative hazards, natural or
otherwise. Closing the message, I turned my attention to the room and the other two
modules that waited inanimate, patient until their turn would come to be of use.

The whole program worked extremely well in the tests I was submitted to,
but this was the first time a was to be tried in a real combat situation, which triggered a lot of nervousness in me, as much however I could feel and express with the piece of brain that was left of me. The Cyborg was now my body, although similar life-supporting systems were installed in the other two modules as well.

But I couldn’t help it! The human form together with its functions had already put their stamp even in the most subconscious parts of my mind, existing in anything else for a certain amount of time would start making me feel uncomfortable…

The flamethrower fuel tanks of ‘Dinos’ were already full and the module waited patiently in its place the time of its summoning down to the surface of the planet that rotated threateningly several hundred kilometers away from our present position. A clicking sound to the right made me turn my attention to the position of the third module, a green led having started flashing leisurely behind it, indicating that its rearming sequence was successful. I sighed mentally and came into position for a proper dampening of the teleportation shock.

Red lights began to pulsate rhythmically…


… The air around me began to vibrate irregularly due to ionized ozone molecules as the teleporter had already warmed up..


“Good luck, the Revolution is depending on you!”


Suddenly, the teleporter’s computer began stating indications of a possible malfunction.





Everything around me changed and the starship’s familiar environment had now transformed into a sultry marshland drown in dense subtropical vegetation, a scenery that could not be characterized much hospitable…

“We’ll try to teleport them at the first opportunity … some are already on the path ahead… ”